The TABLET online is a general interest online newspaper with a more than a passing interest on politics, politicians and public servants. The TABLET will focus on these operatives with a laser beam with the objective of highlighting best practices as obtained in other parts of the world, as well as expose sharp practices that militate against good governance. In the discharge of our constitutional mandate, we shall at all times be guided by the journalistic ethics of objectivity, balance, fairness and accuracy with the overall objective of promoting the national interest as opposed to individual or group interests in line with our motto: Truth and Liberty.

In our coverage and reportage, we shall go behind the routine presentation of news/facts to highlight the hidden meaning behind the news and actions or inactions of leaders as well as make informed commentary for the benefit of the governed, which for long have been on the receiving end of ill-thought out policies. In other words, we will go beyond the manifest pronouncements, to expose the latent reason(s) behind every action and utterance of government officials.

We recognize that the virus of corruption has become endemic in the Nigerian system and this has defied all actions so far to make it unattractive. Thus it has become almost impossible for Nigeria to rise above the present morass. When it is noted that the nation’s leaders have so far looted over $400 billion from the national treasury since independence, the enormity of the problem can then be appreciated. It is for this reason that The TABLET has taken up the mandate to campaign against corruption in all its ramifications. In doing this, we shall step on toes, and this is inevitable if the war is to be carried out to its logical conclusion. We shall have zero tolerance for corruption and shall at all times expose this cancer and corrupt individuals that make it fester, mindful of the fact that corruption has been the main malaise stifling the nation’s growth and march to greatness.