Nigeria ranks 85 on UN global happiness report


Nigeria has recorded improvement on the happiness level of its citizens, according to a United Nations investigation.

The seventh World Happiness Report ranked Nigeria 85 out of 156 countries, a leap of six places on last year. The happiest country-for the second year-is Finland, followed by Denmark, Norway, Iceland and the Netherlands. The United Kingdom (UK) was ranked 15th while USA was in 19th position and Germany 17th and France 24th.

Only two African countries-Mauritius (57th) and Libya (72nd) were ahead of Nigeria.

The World Happiness Report is a landmark survey of the state of global happiness that ranks 156 countries by how happy their citizens perceive themselves to be. This year’s World Happiness Report focuses on happiness and the community: how happiness has evolved over the past dozen years with a focus on the technologies, social norms, conflicts and government policies that have driven those changes.

South Sudan replaced Burundi as the least happy.

Up to 3,000 people in each country were asked to rank their lives on a scale of zero to ten.


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